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What Is A Rib Steak?

If you are looking for fall-off-the bone tender then look no further than the patented “DeBoned Baby Back Rib Steak.®” Our revolutionary cooking process starts with an actual slab of ribs, first marinated and dry rubbed, then slow smoked with apple wood giving the meat a perfect pink smoke ring and incredibly delicious flavor. The bones are then removed from the slab and it is cut in half producing a fully-cooked, succulent, moist and tender juicy RIB STEAK that you can enjoy with a fork and a knife. No mess! No fuss!

We remove the bones from an actual slab of baby back ribs leaving just the meat in tact with no bones. Our rib steak is exactly the same as a regular baby back, except we remove the bones. Check out the pictures below.

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